LUXURY VINYL TILES offer elegance and superior design quality, combined with high durability and resistance. Available in a various range of designs including tile, oak, pine and stone, Luxury Vinyl Tiles are a stylish and highly practical floor solution( absorbs noise to the max and is completely water proof) for home and commercial use.

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Gerflor is a group that creates, manufactures and markets innovative, decorative and eco-responsible solutions for flooring and interior finishes. A multispecialist group that combines specific know hows and gathers different product brand names such as: Mipolam, Taralay, Taraflex, Tarabus, Batiflex, Senso, Caractere..

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Chilewich flooring combines elegant aesthetic with functionality underfoot. Available in two different styles to suit your interior and exterior needs; woven floormats and shag indoor/outdoor mats.

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