The Laminam pure ceramic slabs in the 1620x3240mm size, 5mm and 12mm thick, are the fruit of the innovative production line activated recently. They offer priceless millimetres of extra space for the hands of skilled workers, providing them with more creative freedom than ever before. These surfaces are designed for the world of furnishings, as horizontal surfaces ranging from tables to kitchen and bathroom worktops, and can also be used in the building industry for facades and walls.

“- One red pepper
– Two Carrots
– Two Zucchini
– Half a Cauliflower
– Half a head of Broccoli
– A drizzle of olive oil
– A banana
– A mango
– A papaya”
This is an extensive gastronomic journey, portrayed on the large Laminam size, which reaches as far as Morocco and deepest Africa leaving a colourful trail on the surface of the slab. Cous cous seasoned with vegetables dotted all over the surface and the finely chopped exotic fruit, served directly on the surface, make for a highly colourful picture.
“- Just a drop of squid ink
– Purple potato gnocchi
– Cuttlefish Julienne
– A drizzle of olive oil.”
These are the ingredients which transformed the Laminam Bianco Assoluto 1620x3240x12mm ceramic slab into a canvas on which to paint a food art picture where the bright colours of the food contrast with the perfectly white surface, for a mesmerising effect. A dish to be prepared and shared. The recipe for this painting is very simple. No need for any tricks: the Laminam surface is used like a real chopping board, on which the food is diced and sliced using knives, liquids, oil, wine and red-hot pans.
After being used to chop, mix and serve, the Laminam surface is as good as new after a simple wipe with a sponge, hot water and neutral detergent. And the slab is immediately ready for use to prepare another tasty dish. For instance, a dessert packed with the warm flavours of Sicily: crunchy almond brittle with oranges and lemons.
” – Sugar
– Slivered almonds
– Two lemons
– Two oranges “