Living in a fast – paced world, we face too many decisions and overwhelming choices. Increasingly, we’re searching for simplicity and authenticity in our surroundings and the products we select and enjoy. Sometimes less really is more.

Inspired by iconic Modernism, the Traverse range of carpet designs, part of the Essentials collection, features simple diagonal lines. These are created by slight differences in dye hues but also by slight ridges in the yarn construction. Hence, the pattern you see depends on where you are in the room together with where the light source is coming from. And, as you move around, the effect is subtle dynamism, with floor areas exchanging emphasis caused by the faint alternating light and shade.

Just two sets of diagonals sloping down from left to right and the mirror opposite enable the designer to create classic herringbone and ashlar patterns, but that’s just the start. By using irregular patterns, the designer can play with directions, rhythms and zones, giving simple lines a curiously unexpected rich personality.

Traverse is available in 15 colours, providing unprecedented creative design possibilities. Add to that the plank format and the simple diagonals become a kaleidoscope of opportunity. Who would have thought that minimalistic lines could offer such creative freedom?

Delighted by this minimalist new collection and the design opportunity provided, the architects from Ama Design chose Traverse, at less than one month after collection lunch, to fulfil their ongoing project, at that time, Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii Offices in Bucharest.

…and that’s how we made the first reference worldwide to be done with Desso Essentials Collection – TRAVERSE

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